My Houston Chiropractor caught my kidney infection

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Over the past week or so I started having low back pain on the right side.  I had had low back pain before and gone to my Houston Chiropractor and she had fixed it.  This time it felt a little different and I did the stretches that my chiropractor taught me but they only helped for a little bit.  When the pain started radiating to my groin I made an appointment to see my chiropractor for a fix and she told me that I had a kidney infection and sent me to my medical doctor.  I am sure glad that she knows what she is doing and didn’t just adjust me and send me home.  

Boise Chiropractor Discusses the Process of Whiplash Part 1

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Boise Chiroprator, Meridian Chiropractor

Boise Chiropractor Dr. Chad Woolner shares information on the process of whiplash injuries and how they are sustained.

The process of whiplash involves several phases which take place in only a few milliseconds.  When studied in detail it is obvious that the pathogenesis of whiplash is a complex process which involves mechanisms that in some ways differ from traditional or conventional wisdom.  Several studies have been conducted which have recorded human subjects and simulated crash tests in such a way that have allowed researchers to view footage at slow enough rates that enable visualization of the intricate process which occurs during the collision (1, 2).  Much of what is known regarding whiplash pathogenesis comes from several of these types of studies.  One such study broke down the process of whiplash into three main phases(3).  The first phase in this process primarily causes compressive forces in the neck.  The second phase transitions from a compressive force to a tensile force.  And finally the neck reaches a point where both tensile and shear forces are acting upon it.  With this combination of forces at such quick intervals of time it creates conditions that place tremendous amounts of stress on the various tissues of the cervical spine.  In addition to these stresses the normal biomechanics become altered in such a way as to create further causes for injury to these various tissues.  As a Boise Chiropractor I have seen a lot of patients who have sustained injuries to these different tissues.

Dr. Woolner is a Meridian Chiropractor practicing in Boise, Idaho.

1. Panjabi MM, Cholewicki J, Nibu K, Grauer JN, Babat LB, Dvorak J: Mechanism of whiplash injury.  Clinical Biomechanics 13: 239-249

2. Brault JR, Wheeler JB, Siegmund GP, Brault EJ: Clinical response of human subjects to rear-end automobile collisions.  Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 79: 72-80, 1998

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Get Over the Flu

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There is nothing that will take you out of the game like getting the flu. I am just getting totally over the flu today. I was really feeling out of it. I was still going to work in the later stages of the illness so that was really making it drag on.

In order to recover the right way the most important thing that you can do is get your rest. This is where I made one of my mistakes. Well the fact is that now I feel like I have not worked out in like a month even though it has only been like a week. I was doing really good before I got sick and I did the best that I could when I was to to be sure that I ate as much as I could.

It still feels like I lost a ton of strength. Today I am going to get back into it with a good body weight workout and do some push ups and some pull ups. I might go from there and do some weight lifting but i really do not think that is a good idea right now. I will be using a full body and abs workout.

I was really looking forward to bench pressing and deadlifting too, but it may not be the best thing to do right now. It is amazing how after just a week you can feel so different. But I am going to make up ground and get it back fast. I just have to get back to it. No hardcore exercise programs to get ripped for me today.

Stretch Mark Creams Can Effectively Reduce The Appearance Of Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks may occur during many times of a person’s life. For women, one of the most common causes of these scars is during pregnancy. This is because the body is forced to grow in size to accommodate the growing baby. Aside from this, there are other times when stretch marks may also form.Puberty is a time in a person’s life when they undergo many changes within the body. This includes having a growth spurt when the body grows very quickly. Sometimes, the skin is not able to cope with the rapid increase in growth of the body which can result in the skin tearing and later forming stretch marks.Other less common causes of stretch marks is during weight lifting. Someone who wants to add muscle will usually lift heavy weights to increase the size of his muscles quickly. This can result to the skin stretching too much and this can also lead to the formation of such scars.Lastly, eating too much that will result in an increase in weight due to increased fat deposits can also form these ugly stretch marks. The same way the skin stretches to accommodate an increase in muscles mass, too much fat can also cause the skin to tear if this happens very quickly.All of these events can cause stretch marks to form, thus many people are likely to have some sort of stretch marks on the different parts of their body, most especially on the belly, things or hips. These stretch marks are very ugly to look at so a lot of people would want to get rid of these from their bodies.One very big problem that can be caused by having stretch marks is difficulty in the types of clothes that you can wear, especially when going to the beach. Stretch marks greatly limits the kinds of clothes that you can wear, which is why a lot of people resort to using stretch mark creams to reduce their appearance. These creams can effectively lighten stretch marks so that they become less visible to the eye.Jen Hopkins has worked in the stretch mark cream industry for years. She maintains websites about Stretch Marks Removal Cream Reviews, and Best Stretch Mark Cream. If you want to contact her, you can use the contact form at one of her sites.

A Non-Invasive Healthcare Career

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Have you always wanted to get involved with a career where you could actively help other people and provide the kind of care they need? Getting started in a medical or healthcare field doesn’t have to be hard, and there are a lot of things you can do in this industry that don’t require you to work with the human body or see blood. Whether you are looking for a non-invasive healthcare job or an entry level position while you complete medical school, a job as a medical assistant may be what you need.

Medical assistants may be trained to perform both administrative and clinical tasks to help keep the offices of medical practitioners running smoothly. This could be for family doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists, or any other medical field – any office that understands the value of getting help with certain office procedures. If the office is smaller, an assistant may be expected to handle a number of responsibilities, but if you work for a larger organization, you may find yourself with a more specific job description.

While these positions don’t require the same level of education as nurses or doctors, you will have a better chance to find a job when you have a medical assistant degree from an accredited college. There are a lot of things to learn to prepare yourself for this kind of career, and the right school can get you read to handle both the clinical and administrative tasks.

Administrative Medical Assistants

If you specialize in the administrative elements of providing healthcare, your responsibilities could include updating and filing patient records, filling out insurance forms, arranging outside services (lab work, etc.), and handling a lot of the correspondence and scheduling. This is an extremely important part of any efficient medical office.

Clinical Medical Assistants

In some cases (depending on state regulations), your duties as a medical assistant may have more clinical responsibilities. You may work closely with the doctors, but probably not on anything that requires an invasive or life threatening procedure. Some of your other duties might include: taking medical histories, recording vital signs, prepping the patients for examinations and explaining the treatments to them. You may also have to learn how to collect and prepare samples for the lab, keep the equipment sterilized, and prepare and administer medication.

The Necessary Education

You may not have to go through eight years of medical school, but you will have to complete some training and schooling before you are qualified to work in one of these positions. A two-year associate’s medical assistant degree will cover a range of subjects, from anatomy and medical terminology to lab techniques and diagnostic procedures. You can also learn a lot about accounting, record keeping, and transcription (although this degree is separate from a normal medical transcription degree).

Even with a medical assistant degree under your belt, you will probably find that there is a lot of on-the-job training when you first get started. In fact, if you work in any medical field, you may find that there is a need for continual education. Even as a medical assistant you will have to stay on top of any changes in the industry so you can continue to contribute to the efficiency of the office.

Probiotics, a good digestive enzyme

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It’s a cultured live microorganisms that is called good bacteria.  There are good bacteria and there are bad, probiotics are good bacteria that aid in digestion. Funny that mostly children eat foods that contain probiotics such as yogurt when us adult should also eat foods like that. The need for good digestion is more so needed for adults because we are always stressed out. Stress can mess up thenormal digestive pattern that we have creating acidity, indigestion and flatulence. Keep a healthy snack and always have food containing digestive enzymes like the yougurt. And you will be surprise because it can even help you to have a flatter and sexier tummy.

Things You Need To Know In Treating Hemorrhoid Symptoms

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Hemorrhoid Symptoms, Hemorrhoids, Health

Some herbs work excellent to treat Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment but it is best to don’t forget respect to them for use herbs for which you understand to make sure you do not have problems with unintended consequences.


Some that might aid are the type with astringent actions like witch hazel, blackberry juice, and lemon juice. Plantain may perhaps be beneficial to help stop itching.


Potato and garlic are even reportedly helpful house remedies when pieces are utilized being suppository and inserted into the rectum.


Banding is really an especially prevalent process employed to treat Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment. For this purpose, the physician places a band that looks similar with a typical rubber band to the base of any hemorrhoid.


This functions close up the blood supply on the hemorrhoid so it dies and eventually falls off. This only works if the hemorrhoid is big sufficient to have the ability to securely location a band around it


Smaller hemorrhoids could be treated with injections, cauterization, and freezing. Every ones procedures involve killing the hemorrhoid by some means to ensure that it shrivels and falls off inside a short time period.


Considering that no band is required, even little piles can be addressed with these approaches. Surgical removal of hemorrhoids surgery is usually restricted to days gone by when others of treatment have not.


This entails cutting away the piles also since the tissues that surrounds them. Recovery designed by surgery takes weeks and turns painful, though the results are permanent.


You want to treat Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment for instance discomfort and itching rapidly and there are numerous options so that you can try. You might locate it important to combine numerous approaches so that you can acquire a remedy.

Reduce Symptoms In 12 Hours

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Burning sensations in your sexual organ, pain during urination, and mood swings, are just some of the symptoms of a person infected with Candida Albicans. If you have too much yeast in your body and you’d like to stop suffering from annoying and painful symptoms, read Linda Allen’s book. It contains advice and recipes that will significantly decrease or combat the symptoms in just half a day. This is a Yeast Infection No More Review that shares what you’ll find in the book. Firstly, you’ll learn about Candida and the condition Yeast Infection. You’ll know everything about what causes it, symptoms, conventional treatments, and the like. Afterward you’ll be taught steps you need to take and techniques and recipes you can utilize in order to not only eliminate symptoms, but also permanently put an end to the infection within 2 months.

Diabetic Blood Sugar Level Testing Meters

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Blood glucose levels tend to rise and fall throughout the day. People with normal blood sugar levels have no need to know about their levels, but for diabetics it is a vital part of their every day routine. The biggest problem about this part of their daily routine was painful finger pricks. Today, the meters are easier to use, more effective and efficient and most importantly, less painful. Some of the most popular types of blood sugar testing devices are continuous glucose monitors. What is it that makes them so effective, efficient and less painful for diabetics to use?

There are vast differences in fingertip glucose testing and CGM (continuous glucose monitoring). Here are variants between the two.

*Fingertip does not let you see where your sugar is going, but CGM does let you know so you can be better prepared for the following hours.

*Continuous monitoring offers numerous (up to 288) readings a day whereas the fingertip method is limited to between 2 and 4 readings.

*Fingertip monitoring does not give you alerts when your levels are high or low like CGM is capable of doing.

*Continuous technology actually shows the rate of speed at which your glucose is changing. Fingertip testing cannot do that.

*You do not get real-time results throughout the day with fingertip monitoring, but with CGM you do get real-time display monitoring.

With diabetes it is very important to have the most accurate results possible to keep your sugar within the safety zone. This is one of the biggest reasons more diabetics are relying on continuous diabetes monitor technology. This allows them more freedom to do things throughout the day, plan their meals and manage their diabetes more efficiently and effectively. CGM technology takes some of the stress out of the picture which is one of the major triggers for blood sugar spikes.

These types of monitoring systems have a glucose sensor with adhesive that easily sticks to your body for monitoring your levels 24/7. One sensor can be worn for several days (in most cases a full week) before you have to replace them. This is a wireless system that includes a transmitter that is how glucose levels are sent to the receiver where you can read it on its display.

Some factors you should consider when you are comparison shopping for glucose monitor device include:



*No painful finger pricks

*Offers high and low alert features

*Fits into your lifestyle

*Optimizes your diabetes management plan


Would you like to Fear No Food?

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Do you have food intolerance issues? Would you like to Fear No Food be able to eat dairy, meat, tomatoes?  Did you know one out of three people feel they have food allergies? Sometimes the only way we will find out to eat something and have an allergic ring action to… for example I had a friend last week over for dinner and all was fine until he came to desert.  We made a strawberry shortcake with meringue topping. everything seemed fine, until my friend started scratching his throat… Almost within minutes he broke out in hives… Immediately I recognized was having an allergic reaction to the strawberries. Good thing we had some to help him. (ENZ32811)

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